Medicaid Waivers

BiosHome provides residential support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) in Oklahoma and Tennessee through Home and Community-Based Medicaid waivers.Every state has unique circumstances related to Medicaid and insurance. Admittedly, it can be complex. We’ll help you determine eligibility and understand the guidelines and benefits so you can access services and funding as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Eligibility Determination & Funds Authorizations

Developmental Disabilities Services (Oklahoma) and Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Tennessee) provide eligibility determination, waiver funds authorizations and program oversight. Your DDS Case Manager or DIDDs Independent Support Coordinator can assist with determining eligibility for funding for residential services on the “waiver.”

Once your loved one has been approved for residential support on a Medicaid waiver, you will work with your case manager or support coordinator to select BiosHome as your residential provider. BiosHome will then become a member of your loved one’s interdisciplinary team or circle of support.

Submitting a Recommended Plan

That important step opens the door for BiosHome to design and provide the supports your loved one needs, wants and is eligible for. The case manager, support coordinator or independent service coordinator submits the recommended plan to the state for approval and authorization. When BiosHome is approved as a provider, we will receive notification of the services we are authorized to provide. We will provide all authorized services as prescribed in the Individualized Support Plan. Going forward, all services we provide are billed directly to the state.

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