Residential Support

Independence and self-sufficiency are important parts of building a fulfilling life. BiosHome helps the people we support learn how to become more self-reliant and good neighbors.

Through our respectful, person-centered approach, we teach people the life skills they need to take care of themselves and their homes, while forming positive relationships with their roommates, friends, family and people in the community. BiosHome’s residential support options are tailored to each person and circumstance.

Personal Care

Presenting our best selves is an important part of living successfully in the community. People we support learn personal care skills such as bathing, dressing and grooming. For tasks they can’t do on their own, our care team assists as appropriate. Our goal through personal care support is to promote people’s health, self-esteem and value in the world.

Health Care Coordination

Navigating the world of health care can be daunting. Our expert team assists people manage medications and other aspects of their health care to keep the people we serve thriving. We can coordinate visits and provide transportation to health care professionals, act as a liaison with health care providers, administer and document medications, and support and track chronic health conditions.


Living independently builds self-worth and creates a more fulfilling life. To ensure a positive experience and a safe, healthy home, we teach the people we support how to plan and prepare meals, keep their home clean, host guests, shop and run errands. We also offer the extra help sometimes needed for household tasks people can’t do on their own.

Financial Management

Managing money appropriately can be challenging for anyone. We bring expertise in person-centered practices to help the people we support develop and manage household budgets, pay bills, plan shopping and other expenditures, and maintain eligibility for Social Security income.

In addition, BiosHome can serve as an organizational payee for people who receive our residential support services. With Bios as the organizational payee, you give Social Security permission to send your funds to us to distribute. We set up a “representative payee” account for you, and we pay your rent, utilities and other expenses. The additional funds are loaded onto a Purchasing Card (P-card) every two weeks to use toward your household budget. Our staff can assist you in using your P-card to buy groceries and personal supplies and to pay for your recreational and entertainment activities.

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