Life Skills

Building life skills is essential to leading a more independent, fulfilling life. Our BiosHome team helps the people we serve overcome barriers by developing the skills they need to connect with others and thrive in their community.

Communication & Social Skills

Learning communication, social and interpersonal relationship skills opens the door to better engagement with people.

Developmental delays often affect people’s ability to use verbal communication. We work with the people we serve to understand their unique ways of communicating and to help them find ways to better communicate with others.

Our team also helps the people we support understand and practice social skills, so they are better able to connect with other people they meet. We also teach people how to develop and maintain relationships with friends, family members and others.

Coping Skills

Some people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) may have experienced trauma that has resulted in coping challenges. These challenges put people at risk for being physically and emotionally separated from others in the community.

BiosHome has nearly 30 years of experience supporting people with some of the most significant coping challenges. We have had life-changing success using a trauma-informed philosophy and Gentle Teach principles.

Maggie was a patient who came to us with extreme aggression issues. With a tailored, compassionate plan and extensive nurturing and reassurance, Maggie soon recognized she was safe with us and learned to turn her behavior — and life — around.

Community Involvement

Our philosophy is to give everyone the chance to experience the world around them. That’s why we strive to better integrate the people we support into their community. To do this, we help them discover and pursue their interests through community involvement and connecting with other people.

Community opportunities may include attending sporting events, participating in faith communities or visiting parks, museums or places to shop. To encourage involvement, we provide or suggest transportation, help people learn and practice social norms for the places they want to go and teach them how to use equipment or find strategies to physically navigate the places they are going. We also help them manage financial aspects of participating in the community, such as paying tabs, counting change, using P-cards and writing checks.

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